Did You Know?

Conventional farmers use around 300 different pesticides to grow foods that are sold in supermarkets everyday.

You'll need this at these restaurants in Toronto.

Grow-O-Matic 2000

This was my attempt at creating a low-cost, energy efficient grow lamp using readily available parts that I have around the house. This is used to grow edible herbs (marjoram, yum) in my basement, in the middle of winter.

Ultra-bright blue LEDs. Wired up in series and parallel. Blue light stimulates leaf growth, or so I have heard. (Front)


2 panels of LEDs secured to a small piece of wood, covered by a piece of plexiglass

The wooden base, with the support arms

The lights and base, assembled. Looking good.

In the dark. The LEDs are actually a lot brighter than they appear in the picture. They could probably burn your retinas if you stare at it long enough.