Don't Eat Here

DineSafe Data provided by Toronto Open Data
Search for restaurants that have had "Conditional Pass" or "Closed" ratings during inspections in Toronto. (last updated: January, 2015)

Search a restaurant by name or address, click on 'Get Details' to get more info.

A few interesting facts:

  • Worst time to eat out is August (Highest number of Conditional Pass and Closures)
  • Best time to eat out is January (Lowest number of Conditional Pass and Closures)
  • Washrooms sanitation was the most common issue (Based on the number of reported infractions)

Marked on the map are locations that were closed after inspections. (I was surprised that Scarborough had relatively few closures :-) List of restaurants that were closed after inspection (may have since re-opened)

A WordCloud created from the infraction details (Bigger words carry more weight. ie: appeared more often in the infraction details)