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Did You Know?

Conventional farmers use around 300 different pesticides to grow foods that are sold in supermarkets everyday.

Urban Gardening - 2012

Another growing season has come and gone at my suburban garden and I had a great time! I removed an area of 5ft x 20ft of sod this year to make room for more arable land - by hand with only a shovel and hoe. The work was tough, but very satisfying. As with previous years, I took regular weekend trips to my local waste depot to get free compost. This year, I bought a full-spectrum fluorescent grow light to start my seeds/seedlings indoor, which worked a lot better than my home-made version.


3 rows of tomatoes of different varieties: brandywine, cherokee purple and some lemon boys.

More tomatoes in containers. These didn't turn out as well as those planted in the ground. I think the pots were too small and the water was drying out too quickly

A beautiful brandywine tomato, on the vine. These things get pretty huge!

I don't know what I'll do with these! :)

mmm.. Melons

Bitter melon seedlings.

Bitter melons ready to pick. These are short and stout, unlike the long ones that you typically find in asian food marts. Each weighs 1-2 pounds.

Chinese okra. Didn't have a lot of luck with these, only 3 of them were harvested, out of 4 plants.

Fuzzy melons. Out of the three types of melon we grew this year, I think these were the easiest to grow, and they get rather large. A good type of melon to grow if you're starting out with asian melons/gourds.


A few rows of pole beans/peas and bush beans

Sugar snap peas and snow peas. Very sweet when freshly picked and eaten.

Some bush beans. I love these stir-fried with garlic, chili peppers and black bean sauce.

Garlic and herbs

Garlic being cured and dried. Grew a lot more garlic this year. These were grown from bulbs harvested last year.

A bag of cured, purple-hardnecks. These are mild tasting and yummy. I roast the bulbs and eat them whole.

My herb patch: cilantro, marjoram and chives

Beets and Carrots

I love beets and carrots.

First time growing beets. Tried the 'Detroit Red' variety and they were pretty easy to grow. Didn't really have to do much to them; just regular compost and watering. The leaves are also edible. I use them in stir-frys.

Coloured carrots; I have never seen these before. The red ones have a slightly stronger flavor, delicious when roasted. If you want carrots of a decent size, you have to thin the plants out when they are small. I didn't do a very good job :)